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Specializing in cybersecurity at a global scale, we walk the path together.

About Us

Global Forward Capital is a multi-stage investment firm specializing in cybersecurity and global markets. Founded in 2017 by cybersecurity pioneers after 25 years building and operating market-leading international companies, our focus is private equity investments, leveraging our expertise transforming and expanding global operations.

We build bridges to walk between cultures.

Founded in diversity, we walk different paths and bring unique perspectives together. Intention, empathy, and understanding help us build high-performance, world-class teams around the globe.

Shining light on global opportunities.


We are a multi-stage investment firm focused on global cybersecurity companies.

Those in cybersecurity must adapt and course correct quickly and this is the world we know. All industries experience global pressures and demands from customers. Cybersecurity amplifies these challenges with global risks and threats from adversaries. The objective of the game is safety and stability, but the playing field changes daily.

As pioneers in cybersecurity, we have built world-leading technologies, revived global brands and fostered superior sustainable performance in turbulent markets. We have been on both sides of the investment table and on opposite ends of the globe. Subtleties in culture can make or break deals, teams, and companies. We walk forward together.

Aspiring to create value and do good.

The most important choices are often overlooked.

It is not only where we are going, but how we get there. In every journey, we aspire to both create value and do good. We can make positive choices for diversity, life-balance and economics.

Managing Partners

Wael Mohamed

Managing General Partner

Partha Panda

Managing General Partner

Antonio Cano

Managing Partner

Keith Foster

Managing Partner

Global Forward Team

Mary Aradamis

Administration Manager, Global Forward Academy

Alessandro Babini

Partner, Investments

Rita Evdokimova

Partner, Finance

Mary Haggar-Lee

Executive Assistant

Husam Kinawi

Partner, Technology

Laura Maio

Partner, Marketing


Zhengyu Liu

Operating Partner

Motofumi (Mike) Onishi

Operating Partner

Steve Quane

Operating Partner

Paul Tsaparis

Senior Advisor

Joachim Weber

Operating Partner


Global Forward Capital was founded in 2017 as Trend Forward Capital by Managing Partner, Wael Mohamed. The name reflected our tight relationship with Trend Micro, an initial Limited Partner (LP).

Fund I focused on growth-stage investments in transformational and leading-edge technologies. Our portfolio companies included Turbonomic, Snyk, Cysiv, Affectiva, Attivo Networks, and Veem.

In 2023, we expanded our mission from venture capital to multi-stage investment firm, adding private equity and focusing on cybersecurity. We renamed our firm Global Forward Capital, reflecting the opening of our Singapore Headquarters, the expansion of our mission and our unique experience in global cybersecurity markets.


Global Forward Academy is a non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating global talent and entrepreneurship in cybersecurity and technology.

Since inception in 2017, hundreds of cybersecurity and technology professionals have graduated from our programs run in countries including Brazil, Egypt, India and more. Graduates were then hired by several of our portfolio companies helping them address staffing shortages in the cybersecurity and technology industries.

Fostering entrepreneurship, Global Forward Academy created the Forward Thinker Awards Program.

This global competition awards $10,000 in prize money to passionate entrepreneurs who are disrupting industries around the world. Finalists are given the opportunity to hone and test their pitches in front of our judging panel of CEOs and investors. Several past participants went on to become portfolio companies, receiving increased investment and support from the Global Forward Capital team.


Headquarters: Singapore

9 Raffles Place # 27-00
Republic Plaza

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